Woahh I enjoy listening to music - shocking I know. If I had to describe it very loosely I guess my favorite styles would be electronic/synth and rock derivatives. It's what I grew up with - shout out to my dad who used to DJ in the 70s/80s and still does sound tech stuff as a hobby for the electronic and also rock to a smaller extent, and anime and late 90s/early 00s radio for rock and also electronic to a smaller extent I guess lol. It's kinda funny seeing as I am definitely not a party person and, while I do enjoy concerts, I don't attend that many either? Anyways, some country/folk, R&B/jazz-y and hip-hop songs are fine by me too. I usually stray far from rap and metal/screamo tbh. As you will see by this page I don't really know how to name genres lmao sorry but please feel free to correct me!! yeah. Worth noting that I really like the experimental kind of music that merges alt rock and pop and synthesizers and trippy ambient stuff so it was hard to categorize everything. Sorry for any crude mistakes.

CD players and sound systems were still A Thing when I was a kid as well as listening to music on the car sound system or radio stations. From there the 2000s happened and with it, small MP3/MP4 player devices. And I became a weeb and the rest is history. Ever since then I became that kid with earphones on 24/7 because people annoy me and music doesn't so there's that :D My taste isn't DEEP and my understanding of music is at a surface level at best but I really enjoy listening to it. I guess I actively try to not overthink music in order to not take away the fun. Big "I like what I like so there" .

Back in the web things called mp3 rotations were rather common ways of spreading love and knowledge for bands/songs/etc. Illegal they were, but they were also ways of spreading information about artists and most of them sure weren't as against it as their recording firms. Since music rotations are now officially A Thing Of The Past (and clearly we are very modern in here) because nowadays we can listen to music online for free and legally, instead of a mp3 rotation I present y'all my favorite music playlists. I don't use Spotify so I make a point of having all of my favorite songs in Youtube playlists (press the cd button for it!) sorted by genre/theme. Oh and also I bring you MID samples (press the headphones button for it!) as well ~ hope you will enjoy it :D


Growing up, my parents used to listen to a LOT of disco music. As a teen my dad would fiddle with electronics and craft homemade sound systems and DJ ; my mom was hippie-ish and they would go to disco parties in the 70s so I got to know from Bee Gees and Andy Gibb to the likes of Kool & The Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire, Tavares, The Trammps, Hues Corporation, Boney M, Sylvester, Commodores, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chic, A Taste of Honey, to Village People, to Abba, to Gloria Gaynor, Candi Staton, Tina Charles, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, Andrea True Connection, Anita Ward, Yvonne Elliman, Roberta Kelly, to Rick Astley and Patrick Hernandez to whatever else, and then some artists like Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine and Barry Manilow who were disco-but-not-exactly. And they would actually teach me things about singers so I can not only name them but sing at least a song by each one and probably know more trivia than the average elder lol. (But dad's favorite singer was James Taylor go figure.) I find it funny/weird how disco music was this big thing for like, 0.5 day - and my dad keeps saying how it was better than today's music or whatever, which is just what dads do but I don't disagree - I often enjoy listening to it more than whatever is cool with kids nowadays so yeah *shrug* I have plenty of good memories really, from sharing lyrics' meanings with my parents (they didn't speak English well as teens so they only vaguely knew what the songs were about!) to one of my nicest memories from elementary school, in which we were having a "end of year party" and they let kids bring CDs and I took some "disco mixes" my dad owned and some of the nicest kids there recognized the songs and we bonded over that. Pretty cool day, I almost forgot I was bullied everyday. hooray

New Wave & Synthpop

Soo this one was mostly my parents' influences too. Particularly my dad since he was still throwing parties in the post-disco era and apparently that's when synthpop blew up and also some dance-pop or whatever. We listen/ed to a lot of Erasure (non-ironically) and Alphaville and Culture Club and Eurythmics and Pet Shop Boys and A-ha and Wham and Blondie and stuff like that, and then to a lesser extent The Police and Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears and Joy Division and whatever else leaned more towards rock and I barely knew until I was a teen already. We had a Laserdisc player at home and my picks as a kid (the ones I asked my parents to switch the disc to before they went to bed and I replayed for 2 hours before falling asleep because guess what we didn't have MP3 players yet ...) were Kate Bush and Gloria Estefan lol. So I was sitting there like "yeah let's just replay Babooshka for 2 hours straight until I feel sleepy... isn't that a perfect average thing for a 7 year old to do... yeah..." . The odd 80s non-synthpop song is probably thrown in this playlist too... yeah.

90s Japanese Synthpop

So from that place as a kid I ended up getting heavily into Daisuke Asakura and artists produced/influenced by him (aka. DA Family) ie. TM Revolution and the Gravitation soundtrack and DDRand all that rad stuff as soon as I started downloading my own music. Gotta say this kind of music is one of the reasons why I still love japanese Saturn/PSX retrogaming and 90s OVAs lol. My gyaru-influenced ass is all over it to this day. yAY


Oh yes, obviously, because that's what anison are all about since the 00s - no more synth stuff, now we HEADBANG. So this is the natural transition I suppose - I started watching anime in the early 00s so you still had a few remnants of synth dance-y pop but that was soon replaced by the JIBUN WOOs and such. This category should be called "anison and the occasional game ost / seiyuu band" but whatever lol. By my teens I was super into UVERWORLD and then to a lesses extent FLOW, Funkist, Radwimps, Bump of Chicken, Aqua Timez, Sukima Switch, Suneohair, SEAMO, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Sunset Switch, Polysics ... and also female rock singers/acts like Tomoko Kawase stuff, Anna Tsuchiya, Chieko Kawabe, Shion Tsuji, Scandal, etc. I thought I had outgrown it haha but then by the 2010s I was ALL over Amazarashi and TK/Ling Tosite Sigure (still am) as well as Sakanaction, Frederic, Unison Square Garden, OLDCODEX, EGOIST, QUEEN BEE, Yorushika, Polkadot Stingray, Uso to Chameleon and MONKEY MAJIK ... as well as female singers like Sayuri, Yui, Shishido Kavka and Aimer idk. I have also like/d some more openly "experimental" / shoegazing-feeling stuff forever - like Mosaic.wav, Asriel, Etsuko Yakushimaru and Kinoko Teikoku were BIG on my playlists for a while - that didn't quite fit any other playlist of mine so here they are.

Visual kei

So, "visual kei" aka "that kind of jrock where some folks dress up in blue hair drag while playing loud guitar" is also an interest of mine... somewhat. I was very "ew, why do my friends like this?" about it at first until I found that one band that brought me to the dark side - in my case, Nightmare - and I haven't looked back ever since. Soon after came other bands/acts that played anison like Pierrot, MUCC, Kiyoharu and kannivalism(/baroque) - and then alice nine, AnCafe, Psycho Le Cemu and Miyavi and then others followed. Fun fact, "Zeroshiki" is the title of a song I adore by vk band MUCC and I have a shrine dedicated to Amai Bouryoku which is one of my favorite vk acts of nowadays (but I actually liked their old act Shounenki that much better)! The folks over at MH consider my taste to be Utter Shit because I like GeNkI oShArE vK (SOOO GOOD, best brand!) the most and am into cringy bandomen that present themselves as kawaii anime boys and do Vocaloid covers (heyy Daigo Gravity TANOSHISA HIGH FULL VOLTAGE ....) as well. My cooler tastes would be BUCK-TICK (the pandemic got me SUPER into them?!), Moran, SCREW, baroque/kannivalism, ViViD, and the occasional hide, CLOWD, Gigamous, Holyclock, Neverland, Purple Stone... dunno. I like a lot of songs by a lot of different bands I suppose. Screamo shit annoys me to no end and sometimes I find myself watching random Malice Mizer videos and I feel like throwing myself off a window but I don't dislike Gackt lol. All of that sums up pretty well how I feel about vk I guess. I feel weird thats what.


It felt weird of me to categorize this as anything but "j-idols" because yeah technically J-pop but... you know, specifically. So half of these I like because I am a post-gyaru-mess of sorts like Ayumi Hamasaki, Kana Nishino (I WAS ... OBSESSED) and Utada Hikaru and then, to a lesser extent, Koda Kumi, Crystal Kay and Jasmine (yeah I know but Gold was BOMB...) as some female j-idols I grew up listening to; and then Kyary and DAOKO and more recently RIRI and Aisha because told you I am a post-gyaru mess. And for Johnnys I used to listen to NEWS religiously (#1 artist in my 2k8/2k9 ... lmao.) and still listen to Ryo solo stuff :) Also I included the likes of Hanako Oku and Rie Fu as well as Kotoko and Mami Kawada and Kariya Seira and Maaya Sakamoto and other "softer" or "happier" kinds of (mostly anison) singers on the playlist I guess. Because I didn't know what to categorize this stuff as. Yeah

Vocaloid + Utattemite

To put it shortly I got into Vocaloid before it was cool aka back when Luka hadn't been released yet much less the multitude of voicebanks of nowadays, and then when I was in my last year of high school I got HARD into utattemita - I was always busy and needed songs to study and barely had time to do anything else, so it helped me a lot. Project Diva (both on PSP and arcade! It was all I did at cons TT_TT ; ; ; ) was very meaningful to me too, so to this day it means a lot to me and I still get very nostalgic and emotional about certain Vocaloid songs. Though I have never been into "Vocaloid fandom" properly, Vocaloid songs and utattemite mean a lot to me. Romeo to Cinderella, Cendrillon, Cantarella, Spice, Butterfly on the Right Shoulder, Melt, Meltdown, Senbonzakura, Iroha Uta, Rainbow Girl, Gekokujou, World is Mine, Love is War, Fire Flower, JBF, ... I guess every song that was popular around 2009-10 was on my phone on repeat during that period lol ; ; ; as for utattemita I was SUPER into clear (and point.five) and valshe but many others I can't really remember now too. I remember really liking TREOW for producers and


When I was in high school I used to listen to a lot of j-pop and then BoA, TVXQ and SNSD became super popular in Japan. So my friends (who were also into Pump It Up...) got into K-pop and I liked SNSD's debut album and a few TVXQ songs but I still liked Japanese music much better. For 4 years all I liked in kpop was a) That XX (BOMB!) and b) some lowpitched version of Nightmare by 2yoon which I thought was MBLAQ lol. While I was in college some girls there liked k-pop and eventually I gave Block B a try and fell in love and then things went downhill. That's my autobiography. By "downhill" I mean I started listening to kpop regularly and joined fandoms. After Block B I got heavily into Royal Pirates, Seventeen and Laboum, and to a lesser extent, Orange Caramel, Nu'est, BTOB, ACE, Momoland, Gfriend and Everglow would be my fandoms ... but my main one would have to be Pentagon of course! Oh btw I also listen to korean indie on occasion - such as James Lee (of course!) and Alice Vicious and Minsu and idk what else. I have a LOT to say against the k-pop industry so this is why I took a while to get into it and quickly got out of it as well, but I still support artists I like obviously. (unsure if that's doing them more harm than good but oh well fine lol)


Obviously being into 80s/90s (particularly Japanese!) synthpop and vaporwave and all that, I just had to fall into the Citypop rabbit hole at some point. I really like Yoshiko Sai as well as Taeko Ohnuki and to a lesser extent the "popular" ones - Mariya Takeuchi, Takako Mamiya, Miki Matsubara and all that. It's not something I listen to obsessively (because... it's rarely acessible / on streaming services haha.) but I kinda like it.


So... pandemic, the spanish corona flu and all that. And just like every other medieval JRPG player who had friends into folk metal at some point in life and were dying quickly and slowly thanks to the virus (a suspiciously specific profile I am aware) I got really into the barcore bandwagon. And by "got really into" I mean at some point in early 2021 I was dancing to bardcore in my living room in a medieval peasant-ish costume. Whoops. Not only the music is super pleasant to listen to and I really like medieval fantasy and bards and stuff (but I mean who doesn't?!) the YouTube comments drawing parallels to medieval reality are absolutely golden 10/10 :D


Unsurprisingly, I like music from my country a lot. When one mentions "brazilian music" most people will think of Mas Que Nada or Bossa Nova or (if they are very cultured!) Carmen Miranda or Jorge Ben Jor or anything along these lines, but there is so much more than that. I feel like most artists I like are very lyrically oriented though, so it's probably kinda hard to enjoy them if you can't speak Portuguese I guess. But I really like many different genres of Brazilian music - from really old "samba"/"MPB" aka. brazilian pop music (like Dolores Duran and Nubia Lafayette) ; to newer "samba" and "pagode" (like Jorge Ben, Jorge Aragão/Fundo de Quintal, Exaltasamba, Diogo Nogueira, João Bosco etc.) ; to 80s "citypop" and dance-y music (Djavan, Lulu Santos, etc. - guess how I got into these haha ; ; ) ; through 80s/90s softer rock (Legião Urbana/Renato Russo, Barão Vermelho/Cazuza/Frejat, etc.) and 90s/00s harder rock (Skank, Charlie Brown Jr., CPM 22, Detonautas, Pitty Restart ... sHUT UP) ; and 00s pop artists (like Ana Carolina, Vanessa da Mata, Tribalistas, Negra Li, Seu Jorge, Jorge Vercillo, Alexandre Pires ...) to 00s/10s "sertanejo universitário" (AHEM Henrique & Juliano, Jorge & Mateus sob) and 2010s indies (Anavitoria, Teatro Mágico, Clara Valverde, Renato Enoch, Rodrigo Alarcon, Terno Rei, etc.) among many others. I honestly listen to a lot of local music - more than the average brazilian person probably ; ; it's really good though, I think :)

Pop-punk / Pop-rock

As Gwen Stefani once aptly put this my shit. (Lmao dude.) Which is weird because my parents weren't big on rock - dad would listen to say, Queen or Air Supply or local soft rock bands, all of which I still enjoy thoroughly, but it just wasn't a thing at home - but I was raised in the 90s/00s and I was into anime, so it felt inevitable lol. By the early 2000s I was into a few pop rock radio artists like Michelle Branch and Sixpence None The Richer, and one of my favorite laserdisc (!) among those we owned was Kate Bush - The Whole Story so yeah. From there I started getting into stuff my online friends were into, like t.A.T.u and Avril Lavigne and the occasional Linkin Park or Blink-182. Then I got super into Maroon 5 in the Songs About Jane era, and then pop punk and emo became A Thing. First I listened to The All-American Rejects copiously, then I fell in love with Fall Out Boy and then The Academy Is... and Forever the Sickest Kids, not to forget the occasional Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, Cobra Starship and just bits of whatever was playing in terms of pop-rock and pop-punk - think Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Incubus, whatever. This was roughly 2006 to 2009, by when pop-punk felt a bit like a thing of the past but then I got heavily into rockvato-era Demi Lovato, Vanessa Carlton, Oasis and Coldplay ; and, more casually, into Superchick and local bands (a pattern? unsure). By the early 2010s I got super into Foster the People and, to a lesser extent, Sleeping With Sirens and Arctic Monkeys. And by the early 2020s I (got into Stevie Nicks again but also) got into pop-punk era MGK and listened to a lot of early 2000s era Hilary Duff and this is where we stand. Rawring 20s bby!

Indie pop / EDM

Um, so surprisingly I also listen to contemporary-ish English language music that's not rock music lol. During the early 2000s I would listen to Kylie, Stacie Orrico and (shout out to my fellow AMV makers from the WMM era...) Aqua and Cascada a lot tbh. By my second year of high school, the pop-punk days seemed to be mostly over - or at least that's how I felt when FOB went on the hiatus and P!ATD had released Pretty. Odd., and Paramore releasing The Only Exception, etc. So I started listening to electronic pop (that was... the natural progression for me I feel lol) that was just getting popular and indie pop stuff my friends would listen to. Those were the Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink, Ke$ha, Jessie J and Adele days and people were releasing a lot of interesting electronic indie pop stuff online. I would often listen to Mika and Kill Paradise (and adjacent music like Never Shout Never and Owl City on occasion) and then I got into what I call the "powerful female experimentalish pop vocalists" phase of my life around 2010 - Imogen Heap/Frou Frou, Marina, Ellie Goulding, and to a lesser extent (but still a big extent!) Little Boots, Kate Nash, Florence, Feist, Ingrid Michaelson, Rachael Yamagata, Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, Skye Edwards and Kerli - the good stuff. :)

And it was... a weird phase - 2010, I was about to turn 18 and thought I had to be a grown up and listen to less anime music or whatever. Motives aside, I got deeper into the more EDM of the bunch - the likes of Kimbra, Sia, Lykke Li, Tove Lo, Oh Wonder (shout out to MrSuicideSheep and all?) and shortly into the even more domestic-sounding/lofi stuff. And then by mid-2010s I started listening to Still Corners, Zaz, and the occasional Camila Cabello, The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, Colbie Caillat and Bruno Mars (FINALLY?) I guess. And now we listen to (Rebecca Black lol and) Doja Cat everyday because this is where it's at now lol.

Chillwave + vaporwave

I like a lot of uh indie artists that publish their songs on the internet which isn't a genre at all. So this is just everything else probably. This one theoretically includes slightly-more-obscure-and-lofi stuff than the Indie pop playlist but how obscure really? Like In Love With A Ghost and Snails House and all that are probably more popular than some artists in the Indie pop playlist lmao. I dunno really.

More playlists


Soo... For some reason I own a few albums. I say "for some reason" because I don't really listen to them I only listen to music on Deezer or YouTube but lol. Feel free to ask me if you'd like me to rip any of these - I haven't done that yet bc ... I'm lazy ....... but yeah I shall. Maybe.
Artist Album Format Date
Aoi Shouta Flower physical 2020.09.30
Miyavi This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock physical 2020.09.30
Miyavi Kimi Ni Negai Wo physical 2020.09.30
Nightmare Animalism physical 2017.11.29
Nightmare Majestical Parade physical 2018.04.02
Nightmare Love[Cliip]per physical (dvd) 2020.09.09
Nightmare Love[Cliiip]per physical (dvd) 2020.09.09
Nightmare Tour [anima]lism At Zepp Tokyo physical (dvd) 2017.11.29
Psycho Le Cemu Risokyo Ryoko Zepp physical (dvd) 2020.09.30
Block B Blooming Period digital 2016.11.26
Block B Montage digital 2017.11.10
Block B Blockbuster physical 2017.11.26
Block B Welcome to The Block Repackage physical 2017.11.29
Block B New Kids On The Block physical/signed 2017.11.29
Happy Pledis 2012 Love Letter physical 2017.11.29
Pentagon Five Senses physical 2018.09.28
Pentagon Pentagon physical/signed 2018.11.21
Pentagon Ceremony physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon DEMO_01 physical/signed 2018.11.21
Pentagon DEMO_02 physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon Positive physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon Genie:us physical 2020.11.11
Pentagon Sum(me:r) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon Universe: The Black Hall (upside ver.) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon Universe: The Black Hall (downside ver.) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon We:th (seen ver.) physical 2020.12.01
Pentagon We:th (unseen ver.) physical 2020.12.01
Pentagon Love Or Take (mild ver.) physical 2021.03.26
Pentagon Love Or Take (romantic ver.) physical 2021.03.26
Royal Pirates Hasta La Vista physical/signed 2020.12.22
Royal Pirates 3.3 physical/signed 2020.12.22
Seventeen Boys Be (seek ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen TEEN;AGE (white ver.) physical 2018.09.18
Seventeen Going Seventeen (mih ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen Al1 (all ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen 17 Carat physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen Love & Letter physical 2018.09.20
Laboum Two Of Us physical 2020.11.25


Like, truthfully speaking, live concerts are like the fourth thing that I miss the most about the pre-pandemic world (of course #1 is "people who passed away," and number 2 is "feeling relatively biologically safe after going out for a walk" and #3 is "knowing how the hell I am supposed to behave at work/uni," with a honorable mention to "businesses that closed down" in like 3.5 maybe). Though I love concerts I haven't been to many as it's often expensive/timely/etc. and I can't afford it as much as I'd like but thought I'd share my experiences anyway.
Captions ✰ special seat | ✰✰ greet | ✰✰✰ picture | last minute cancellations
Ana Carolina
Brazilian singer. The concert happened in my town and was cheap, so I went "why not?" . Me and my friend seemed to be the only non-couple there so that was AWKWARD lol but it was amazing! She is OOF loved that, best songs
✰ 2014.07.18
Three times in anime cons actually. I SO wanted to see them live so I could scream JIBUN WOOO, and I couldn't attend their first concert here (which happened in 2013) so I was afraid I wouldn't get to see them ever. Thankfully they came back plenty of times and it was BOMB! The first time I arrived late and couldn't get too close even with a VIP Pass but it was SO GOOD I sang along everything! I wanted Word of Voice and didn't get it :( but we got Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye (and Samumenco was my AOTS) so it was great! The other couple of times I didn't purchase the VIP pass and was in cosplay so I didn't bother trying to get too close, but in 2018 they had a Code Geass moment and I was ! ! ! OVERJOYED. (And lowkey regretful I didn't attend in Code Geass cosplay and took the opportunity to take a picture but damn;) Anyways THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD EVERY TIME. Thanks!
A bit of a letdown as they didn't sing my favorite songs! Back when Kuragehime aired I loved "Kimi wo Kirei ni Kizuite Okure" and I think that song got a lot of people into them but they didn't play it nor the one for Hataraki Man so... I'm not into Bleach or Naruto so it was a bit, oh, bummer, but it was a good live yea.
✰✰✰ 2017.07.09
This one was special as I was a huge TMR fan and for years my dream was quite literally seeing him live and FINALLY he played here. It was so nice being there and realizing other people were just as excited as I was - there were people cosplaying Hot Limit even! It was really good seriously ; as it was his first live here in Brazil I was kinda worried he'd only sing newer songs but that wasn't the case at all, so yeah big nostalgia time! We all were expecting an abs cover that didn't happen but oh well. Also I got to stay close to him in the picture ; ; ; ♥_♥ but all I mustered the courage to say was "THANK YOU I WAITED FOR SO LONG" oh well lol
Asian Kung Fu Generation
This happened in the same con as the TMR one and, though I like AKFG I couldn't afford to spend so much in a single day so I didn't get VIP pass for this one ; I regret it though because it was SO GOOD. They literally played ALL my favorite songs one after another, from Solanin to Kimi to Iu Hana to Rewrite to Angou no Waltz and I couldn't stop singing along! It was such a magical coincidence ~ THRILLED.
✰✰✰ 2018.07.22
Honestly I only went because a friend had purchased VIP and couldn't go on the day so I borrowed the pass. Lol. She only asked for the autograph so I said yea sure. (Don't think I ever got to give it to her as I ended up losing it / getting it crumpled in my bag WHOOPS ) But. Hey. He's good!!
Block B
Anyone remember the damned brazilian company who screwed up everything and Latin American fans who paid for concert tickets found out 3 days before the concert that it had been cancelled? Haha yeah..... we were so EXCITED and then out of the blue it was cancelled and I was traumatized! Hoooooray
✰✰✰ 2019.09.15
Henrique & Juliano
✰ 2019.11.02
Yay, it's brazilian music again lol not much to say other than "I SANG ALONG EVERYTHING" ?!
✰✰✰ 2018.05.26
✰✰✰ 2020.01.25
He had come to my country three times before 2011 but I was a minor and in 2018 I had purchased tickets but there was a strike and my car couldn't get there. :( Surprisingly, he came back unexpectedly quickly - it was such a good experience as I was with the same friend from the other lives and it was so fun and all I had wanted to experience in years prior ; also he happened to play my favorite song of his - Kimi ni Negai wo - kinda unexpectedly and dedicated it to people who had lost someone they loved (why I love it so ...) so. It was pretty wild experience (everyone there was kinda punkish?) and I was kinda wasted even though I didn't drink anything (the marijuana smell in queue tho???) and ended up having to sit down a lot and fell badly ill afterwards ... probably wasn't some regular flu but oh well. All is well that ends well right lol.