So ... To put things shortly I've been trying to change my lifestyle a bit so I can live in a calmer way ; not to say I am going full-on minimalistic because I don't think I am cut out for this but for the sake of my health - mental and otherwise - I've been trying to let go of old bad habits such as my Internet addiction and just trying to replace it for less frenzied hobbies and customs. So this page is essentially ... for me (and my mindfulness ??)! It's a summary of lifeinspo I try to follow, as well as stuff I do offline - including charity, no-waste measures and just chores so as to not bother whoever lives with me (inside or in this world !!) all that much I guess. :)

Waste reduction and ecological responsibility

Waste is one of those things that are... pretty much unavoidable. Though "no waste" has interested me for a while now it's really not something I manage to put into practice as it often involves doing very specific purchases (which my local market doesn't allow me to do often), plus "natural" products are often more expensive and I don't live alone so it's been difficult. However, my interest made me try and take up (again) on cooking and DIYing objects out of recyclable materials as well as packing a travel bag full of reusable utensils. :) These are some objects I currently must purchase and/or own:


Housework routines

These are some things I intend to taking up on doing ... more regularly than "just whenever the bin is full" lol ; ; ;

Do It Yourself

Soo one of my favorite ways to actually reuse recyclable materials and also have quite a bit of fun and making my house prettier is... DIY activities! In fact I was unemployed for a long time so I had to start making my own stuff, as well as I wanted to cosplay and didn't have money for it so in the end unemployment served me some teachings in how to make basic stuff myself. So here is a list of things I wanna do as soon as it is possible, and... In the link below you can see some other DIY and sewing ideas I saved ~

Ideas to-do ASAP

Cooking and eating

So cooking is ... one thing I've tried to do for long enough but guess I am just not very talented lol ; ; ; baking a cake or making a pie or anything like that is fine but actual food that you eat in order to keep nourished ?! Yeah man can't make rice. sighs

Anyway, so lately I've been trying to learn some cooking basics and I also want to try to lose weight and eat more healthily by having one vegetarian day and one fasting day every week. Wish me luck ?!?

Also I am a big fan of japanese foods so I want to make a point of doing the Seafood Watch thing though I haven't been eating it lately.

Last but not least I've been considering cultivating plants as some can help combatting indoors pollution (big one for me and my rhinitis!), while others are pollinator-friendly and yet others make for cheap, ready-made food even. It's something I still have to study a lot, but I'm excited for it as there is a lot of free space in my garden!

In the link below you can see some recipes I saved ( in brazilian portuguese ) ♥